Construction nearing completion on Rose Ranch Shopping Center

Dateline: 7/21/10

With the first tenants opening their doors this summer, the construction of the Rose Ranch shopping center is nearly complete. This 78,000 square foot retail center will anchor the Southwest corner of one of Oxnard’s most significant commercial zones.

“BuildSMART” Mobile Green Resource Center launched

Dateline: 4/17/10

Designed by Faulconer & Associates and built in collaboration with the U.S. Green Building Council, California Central Coast Chapter (C4), The “BuildSMART” (Sustainable Materials Architectural Resource Trailer) was launched at the Ventura Earth Day event. BuildSMART’s mission is to provide education on sustainable building to youth, communities, and industry groups throughout the C4 chapter territory. To that end, BuildSMART is outfitted with a variety of sustainable materials and systems that demonstrate sustainable principles. Some images showing the project in action are available on our portfolio page.

Faulconer & Associates tapped for Construction Administration services on WAV project

Dateline: 8/01/09

Michael Faulconer,AIA has been selected as the owner’s site representative on the $57 million Working Artists Ventura mixed use project, which is also pursuing LEED Certification. His role includes daily observation of the construction and assisting in the resolution of field questions. The project includes 69 artist residences and studios, 13 market-rate units, and 6,000 square feet of commercial space.

Camarillo Ranch Barn renovation completed

Dateline: 7/22/09

Construction has finished on this historic structure, an icon of the City of Camarillo, to restore it and upgrade its facilities to host events year-round. As featured in the Ventura County Star: “The idea was really to keep it very much as it looked in 1905,” said Michael Faulconer, the project’s lead architect... “We picked out light fixtures and other items that looked as they might have when the original structure was built and put those in and then brought the whole facility up to code.”

20th Street Offices Earn LEED Gold Certification

Dateline: 7/17/09

In the role of LEED Consultant to the architect, and in partnership with EcoConsulting L.A., Dave Intner of Faulconer & Associates Architects guided the design and construction team from Belzberg Architects to a LEED Gold rating for their new office building, with 47 points earned. Mr. Intner oversaw every aspect of the documentation for LEED compliance and handled all submittals and correspondence to the U.S. Green Building Council.

Faulconer & Associates’ Chris Bradbury Earns LEED AP

Dateline: 12/12/08

Chris Bradbury has passed his LEED AP exam, joining Dave Intner on our team of in-house Green Building specialists.

Schematic Concepts for Library developed • Dateline: 9/8/08

The Monica Ros School, as part of its long-term vision, seeks to construct a permanent Library building for its campus. Faulconer & Associates developed conceptual designs for a playful, enriching learning environment scaled to the young inhabitants.

Monica Ros School Play Structure Completed
• Dateline: 1/18/08

The “Sherwood Forest” play structure at Monica Ros, designed by Dave Intner (who also led the team of all-parent volunteers in its construction), is now complete. The structure was clad and decked with 100% recycled plastic lumber, made from Milk Bottles, Plastic Grocery Bags, and wood chips. These materials were selected not just for their durability and color-fastness, but also to convey to the children the importance of finding new uses for materials otherwise bound for landfill.

Green Building Workshop for City of Ojai • Dateline: 10/04/07
Faulconer & Associates’ Dave Intner was the invited speaker at the City of Ojai’s Public Green Building Workshop, outlining a detailed presentation about the cost/ benefits of Green Building along with case studies of design strategies, projects, rating systems, and municipal incentive programs. Dave has served for several years as an officer on the board of the Green Building Council of Ventura County.

Hacienda Guadalupe wins Nonprofit Housing Award • Dateline: 9/28/07
The Southern California Association of Non-Profit Housing (SCANPH) announced that the 2007 winner in the Homeownership category was Hacienda Guadalupe, a 26-unit condominium project designed by Faulconer & Associates for Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation. SCANPH’s Affordable Housing of the Year awards, where peers recognize their peers' best work each year, is one of the most prominent and most highly respected honors presented to California's top nonprofit housing developers. All the Awards are nominated by the membership, and chosen by an impartial committee of the previous year's award winners.

GreenPoint Rater Certification Completed • Dateline: 7/28/07
In an effort to expand the scope of Green Building services available to our clients already familiar with our LEED accreditation, Dave Intner enrolled in Build it Green’s GreenPoint Rater Certification Program for residential construction. Similar in principle to LEED, but tailored exclusively for single- and multi-family residential construction, the GreenPoint Rated program offers a third-party verified standard for a multitude of sustainable building features, a kind of “green report card” for your home or housing development. After passing all the exams, Mr. Intner can now design homes to the GreenPoint standards as well as act in the capacity as a third party rater for single family homes and multifamily projects designed by others. As part of the program, Mr. Intner also received his Certified Green Building Professional credential.

Michael Faulconer Steps down from Ventura Planning Commission
Dateline: 5/10/07
After four years serving the local community on the City of Ventura’s Planning Commission and Design Review Committee, Michael Faulconer stepped down from his posts to devote more time to his family and to the management of the firm. However, Mr. Faulconer continues to volunteer his time on the City of Oxnard’s Downtown Design Review Committee, a capacity in which he has served the city since 1993.

Green Building Presentations Given to County Agencies
Dateline: 10/05/06
Associate Dave Intner, a LEED Accredited professional, led his second in a series of seminars with Ventura County staff about the cost/ benefits of Green Building, also presenting an educational overview of the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating system. Dave has been active as a board member with the local Green Building Council of Ventura County, and will be attending his third consecutive GreenBuild conference in Denver this November.

Faulconer & Associates selected for CLU President’s House
Dateline: 4/21/06
Following an invited competition and interview, Faulconer & Associates Architecture & Planning, in collaboration with Dee Carawan Architecture, was selected from a field of six design firms to design the new President’s House at Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks. The project will be phased to include a reception hall and welcome center.